Farm To Table Dinner Series by The Farmer's Daughter

Chef Aragon Heritage Hotels, Ashley and Chantelle Wagner Farmer's Daughters

Chef Aragon Heritage Hotels, Ashley and Chantelle Wagner Farmer's Daughters

Celebrating the rich culture and diversity of New Mexico agriculture is highly anticipated this time of year with chile roasting in full swing, Growers Market vendors bursting at the seams, and the State Fair date upon us. This year, bringing even more excitement to the mix, are the Farmer’s Daughters who are showing off the local harvest bounty in a Farm to Table Dinner Series sponsored by Heritage Hotels.


Ashley and Chantelle Wagner, the cousins behind Farmer’s Daughter, are fourth generation farmers in New Mexico.  Their fathers, brothers who farm Big Jim Farms and Wagner Farms, are part of a long line of growers who have been farming the Middle Rio Grande Area (Corrales) for over a  century. The cousins are behind a local food movement that’s putting New Mexican’s back in touch with an understanding of where their food and wine comes from, along with an increased appreciation for the providers of these goods and the chefs that prepare it.

A Farm to Table Dinner set to perfection at  Hotel Albuquerque  with mouth watering local ingredients in every dish.

A Farm to Table Dinner set to perfection at Hotel Albuquerque with mouth watering local ingredients in every dish.

The Farmer’s Daughter Farm to Table Dinner Series features an extraordinary six-course menu created exclusively from ingredients sourced from New Mexico. Chef Gilbert Aragon, Executive chef at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town and the new, luxury Hotel Chaco, is lending his expertise for the Farm To Table Dinner Series, creating unique dishes that highlight the uniqueness of New Mexico heritage and harvest, and paring local wines perfectly to the meals thanks to special partnerships with local wine growers. The Farm to Table Dinner Series runs July-November and hopes to create a ripple effect that touches locals through both tastes of local ingredients and farmers telling their stories, creating food connections that will last through to future generations.


Note from Erin, our Founder:

Ashley Wagner  Farmer's Daughter , Heather Salopeck  Legacy Pecans , Erin Roy  T he Harvest Trail Agency.

Ashley Wagner Farmer's Daughter, Heather Salopeck Legacy Pecans, Erin Roy The Harvest Trail Agency.

I had the honor of attending the August Farm to Table Dinner Series.

What a pleasure it was to attend this event, sharing the tables with farmers and locals alike, and knowing we were eating well while contributing to small business and agriculturists. This farm-to-table experience brought the freshness of farms, orchards, ranches, and artisanal local foods directly to our table. Chef Aragon thoughtfully prepared beautiful rustic dishes for guests to savor while taking careful consideration to highlight the local ingredients—allowing them to be the spotlight of the evening. This special experience not only delivered an amazing meal in the unforgettable settings of Hotel Albuquerque’s Dining Room with their magical wisteria garden as the backdrop, but also offered a chance to see and learn firsthand how New Mexico producers make the most of the state’s not always forgiving land.

We heard from Heather Solopeck, also a fourth-generation farmer, who own’s Legacy Pecans in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Heather recently moved her retail location onto the famous Mesilla Valley Plaza and carries on her family’s legacy by selling their family’s pecans in artisanal products like her chocolate covered pecans. Todd Grudy, from A-Z Family Farms in Corrales, New Mexico, also provided for the dinner by bringing in herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. He spoke about the importance of both community ties for farmers and teaching the next generation about farming.

Farmer's Daughters Farm To Table Dinner Salad with Pecans from Legacy Pecans.jpeg

You can tell, the Farmer’s Daughters had one goal: to make a lasting connection between the community and the farmers, ranchers, and winemakers that produce our amazing local food. The results have done just that—create an unforgettable marriage of food, place, and people.  They are dedicated to bringing the flavors of their farms to the public. I highly recommend you plan your next dinner out to one of these unique Farm To Table dinners and experience the magical marriage for yourself.

Photo Credit: Shawn Buckley, Heritage Hotels



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