The Harvest Trail Agency

A farm-to-table and agriculture-based social media marketing company.

Who we are?

At the Harvest Trail Agency, we love to help small businesses grow.

Farm & Table- A New Mexico Farm-To-Table Icon

Farm & Table- A New Mexico Farm-To-Table Icon

With over 20 years of agricultural experience and 10 years of marketing experience, we help farm-to-table, local restaurant, agriculture-based and other small businesses with their social media, marketing, event planning, and website needs.

Why do we love this?

We think it’s important for people to remember where their food comes from and how to support locally owned businesses. We love businesses who believe the same.

Food is a fundamental need. It’s beautiful, entertaining, and brings people together. We want to help businesses who care about food, agriculture, and all the experiences that go along with that.

Santa Fe Brewing Company : oldest brewery in New Mexico

Santa Fe Brewing Company: oldest brewery in New Mexico

Fun Fact: Last year, the Restaurant Association stated that Farm-to-Table is no longer a trend, it’s the ‘new normal’.  At The Harvest Trail Agency, we love that people are seeing healthy food and healthy eating as important, and that it’s become part of their everyday lives.

Supporting local businesses is one of our greatest passions.  The Southwest has a long rich history melded together by different cultures, cuisines, and infrastructure. The story of the Wild West has long been about the ‘little guy’ out to make it on his own, and that philosophy still stands true here today.


That ‘go-get-em’ mentality is helping small businesses make big impacts:

  •  According to the Washington Post, small businesses are helping giants like Quick Books and PayPal make large leaps in the stock markets.
  • In New Mexico, 95.6% of registered businesses are classified as small.
  • According to a survey by USA TODAY, 65% of small business owners say there’s never been a better time to own a small business.

Who We Work With?

The Harvest Trail Agency works with the people and businesses who are doing things that are innovative within agriculture and the restaurant industry. We love to work with local businesses who are passionate about what they do, and who want to share and educate others. 

Interview with:  Chela Grunee , a local Jewelry Maker.

Interview with: Chela Grunee, a local Jewelry Maker.

We share that passion. And we’re excited to help them grow.

What Do We Do?

To get to the details, we help farm-to-table, local restaurant, local small business, and agriculture-based businesses with their social media, advertising, marketing, event planning, SEO, and website needs. This involves highly involved strategic marketing planning, collaboration on content and photography, help  to define target audiences, monitor and/or listening to audiences, and taking time to learn businesses demographics, style, and frequency of messaging for social media and website content.

By using the most up-to-date research and strategies in social media marketing combined with agriculture, sustainability, local food consulting, and e-commerce activities, we help farmers, agribusiness executives, restaurant owners and local business owners leverage content and technology to grow their brands and drive sales.


Our Founder

Our founder, Erin Roy, grew up with a love for farms and nature in a small mountain town in New Mexico.

Erin and Husband Starson

Erin and Husband Starson

Living in the ‘Land of Enchantment’, she had relatives that ranched, friends that farmed, and worked in horse stables before attending university for her first degree in Animal Science. Erin’s life revolved around learning about farming and agriculture, and she saw the ability of the everyday person to become educated about food—something they need to consume every day. And not just for substance, but for health, entertainment, and community.

After realizing she enjoyed pursuing the business side of her field more, Erin received a Master’s degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Business and Sustainability. Her research work included a project on the importance of starting new businesses with community support for sustainable products.  This later led to completing grant work for a local food cooperative, La Mantanita, as well as writing for a local food publication - Edible Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque. These experiences evolved into her starting her own successful, and still running, business selling reclaimed wood art and home products on Etsy and wholesales to local businesses.

Edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos  Article Written by Erin Roy

Edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos Article Written by Erin Roy

In the last few years, Erin focused her efforts on becoming a social media expert in the farm-to-table industry.  She gained over 11K followers on Instagram in less than 2 years and built out her Twitter and Facebook platform to navigate the Farm-to-Table social media world.

Nowadays, Erin’s home life revolves around family and the importance of growing and serving wholesome food. She was recently accepted as a 2018 intern for the Albuquerque Area Master Gardener Progam. Erin lives in the mountains just outside of Albuquerque so she can wake up to the endless New Mexican landscape or be in the city in 20 minutes. Her husband, Starson, is a Corporate Chef who works with top restaurants, hotels, and vacation destinations as a Culinary Specialist. Together, they tend to their home garden, visit farmer’s markets, plant and share seeds with neighbors, take care of 40+ chickens, 4 ducks, and 1 livestock guardian dog, and even sell the eggs at low prices to their neighbors to encourage them to raise their own (2 families have started already).

For Erin, food, family, and health are life.